Camouflage #Fail

Katydids are usually heard, but not seen. With their leaf-shaped green wings they blend in perfectly with greenery. This katydid didn’t get the memo.

I rarely see katydids, unlike their grasshopper distant relatives, which boldly munch on my flowers and vegetables. Katydids are more reclusive, heard but not often seen.  They are related to crickets, another noisy insect.  Katydids’ green leaf-shaped wings help them to blend in with the greenery. This “katydidn’t” get the memo. He (or she) was resting on the sidewalk, where he definitely didn’t blend in. How long before a hungry bird finds him?

True Katydid.
About the katydid family.


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6 responses to “Camouflage #Fail

  1. Mmm. Dinner. 🙂 Just kidding, although each passing day brings us closer to our insect eating future.

    It’s an insect that’s almost beautiful. Nature is so clever. And a beautiful photograph, too. I’ll bet your subject was making a dangerous crossing between environs that were perfectly suited towards camouflage.


  2. I learn something new every time I come here. I’ve never heard of a Katydid, or known what its sound is like. Just recently I saw a film and came to know Cicadas, and heard the loud sound they make in a forest. Are these two similar species?


  3. You know – I’ve never seen a katydid. Thanks for the beautiful photo! How lovely.


  4. Funny, I thought a Katydid was a grasshopper, but this doesn’t look like the grasshoppers I grew up with. Great photo!


  5. Katydid’s are the beauty queens of the grasshopper family, particularly the lovely one you photographed. My memories of growing up in the Midwest include fresh tomatoes mixed with that unmistakable grasshopper smell. He said/she said = Katydid/Katydidn’t 🙂


  6. Wow, I never seen such a grasshopper like this.
    Can we see this in any part of the world? How I wish to see personally, it really looks like a leaf.

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